Family style naturism
in a country settin

The beginning of Phuan Naturist Village

One young Thai woman who became a naturist in
Thailand found it so wonderful that she shared it with
her female friends and slowly they embraced the concept.
They attended various naturist functions and events and
well, the next thing that happened one of them said
“why don’t we have our own naturist business” so we can
enjoy naturism more often.  And that was the beginning
of Phuan (which in Thai means friend).

The quote below is how we feel about people.

Our philosophy is very simple.

Rules and Manners (ภาษาไทย)

Guest Rules for Phuan Naturist Village

We strive hard to provide a wholesome naturist
accommodation experience for all Thai naturists as well
as visiting international naturists to enjoy. Please help
protecting our resort from infiltration by sex seeking
individuals and safeguard our contribution to a healthy
body and mind development.

Nudity – การเปลือยกาย

Naturists are comfortable not wearing any clothes but
for guests who are not yet ready there is a sarong in
each room or a towel that you can wear.
การเปลือยกาย คือความรู้สึกสบายที่ไม่ได้สวมใส่เสื้อผ้า

Sex – เพศ
No sexual activity is allowed anywhere except in your
room. This includes intimate touching that you would
not do in a public place outside the resort.

Photos – รูปภาพ
Taking photos or making video recordings is not allowed
without permission. Please ask each time that you want
to take a selfie with your mobile phone. See more below
about taking selfies and photos.

Smoking – การสูบ
Smoking is not allowed in your room but you may smoke
outside your room and where it does not bother other guests.
ไม่อนุญาตให้สูบบุหรี่ในห้องนอน แต่ท่านสามารถสูบที่ด้านนอกห้อง

Visitors – เพื่อนของผู้เข้าชม
Your friends are welcome to visit you while staying at
the resort. Make sure they accept our naturist concept
before they arrive. Short time sexworkers are not permitted.
ในขณะที่ท่านพักที่รีสอร์ท เพื่อนของท่านสามารถมาเยี่ยมใด

Speak up – แจ้งให้เราทราบ
We want all our guests to have a pleasant time while
staying at our resort. If you feel someone is rude, staring
at you, taking your picture or in any other way making
you feel uncomfortable, please speak up and let our staff know.
ทางเราต้องการให้แขกที่มาพักได้รับความสะดวกสบาย ในขณะที่พักที่นี่
ถ้าท่านเห็นว่าบางคนแสดงอาการไม่สุภาพต่อท่าน ถ่ายภาพท่าน หรือ
ทำให้ท่านได้รับความอึดอัดใจ. กรุณาแจ้งเจ้าหน้าที่ของรีสอร์ท

About taking photos.
These days, we all take selfies. Naturists staying at
Phuan Naturist Village also love to take pictures. When
doing this, keep in mind that you can NOT take photos
OR make video recordings during your stay at Phuan
Naturist Village where ANYONE else can be seen in your
photo unless you have asked them specifically if they
want to be in your photo and they have specifically agreed
to be in your photo.

We take your privacy very seriously!
If you see anyone taking photos that may include you
without having asked you, please ask them to delete the
image immediately and please also mention the incident
to the resort management.

Good manners

Be kind and mindful towards others. Introduce yourself
but do not intrude if the other guest does not invite for
further conversation. Inform the staff if you feel
someone is bothering you and we will deal with it
discreetly right away.

Sit On Something…Please carry a towel with you at all
times and always use this to sit on. (SOS)

Smoking is allowed in the lounge area outside your
room and anywhere else if it doesn’t bother other guests.
Smoking in the rooms is not permitted.

Singles are welcome…Phuan Naturist Village is geared
towards families and couples, but singles are also very welcome.

Minimum age is 18 years old except for children
accompanied by their parents or legal guardian
(proof required) are accepted.

Gay friendly…gay singles and gay couples are welcome.
Naturism is not a sexual orientation; we are people
like anywhere else.

Visitors…genuine friends are welcome to visit you while
staying at Phuan Naturist Village, Your guest must follow
the same rules and guidelines as a registered guest,
including fully understand our non-sexual, clothes free
environment. If by “friend” or “visitor” you mean a short
time sex partner, we do not approve of this.

Never bring a friend or relative without having explained
naturism to them before they arrive.

Do I need to take off my clothes as soon as I am inside
the village; no but once you leave your room, yes.
The grounds, pool, and restaurant are full naturist.
This is a family naturist resort and we expect
our guests to be comfortable with this. If you prefer to
wear something at first, we suggest that you wear only a
towel or sarong. Women can certainly wear bottoms
during their monthly period. First time naturists will find
plenty of support and understanding if they prefer to
use a towel or sarong when they first arrive.   
For most naturists, the first time is a big step.

Do I need to be a member of a club or association in
order to stay at the resort? No you are not required to do this.

We welcome all naturist/nudists at the Phuan Naturist Village.

However, if you are member of the Naturist Association of
Thailand you will be considered for a member discount.
We encourage all members to sign up for the free membership.

NOTE: Violation of the Rules or Manners will be cause
for immediate expulsion with the possibilty of no refund.

Phuan Naturist Village

533/ 23 Moo.10 Huay Yai , Banglamuang , Chonburi 20150 Thailand

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